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Our Mandate

The Authority derives its powers to regulate the deposit taking Sacco Societies in Kenya from the Sacco Societies Act 2008 and the Regulations issued there under.

THE SACCO Subsector Demographics Study Report, 2019

The Authority has today 7th December, 2019 released the SACCO Subsector Demographics Study Report, 2019.

The report unpacks the age distribution and gender composition of the members of deposit-taking SACCOs in Kenya. The Report (available here) was officially released by the Principal Secretary, State Department of Co-operatives, who represented the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Co-operatives Hon. Mr. Peter Munya during the Annual Policy & Regulatory Workshop at the Whitesands Hotel, Mombasa

The SACCO Annual Supervision Report 2018

The Authority has today 12th September, 2019 released to the public The SACCO Annual Supervision Report, 2018. The Report documents the operations and performance of deposit-taking SACCO Societies in Kenya during the year ended December, 2018 and has been prepared by the Authority in full compliance with the requirements of Section 22 of the Sacco Societies Act. The Report highlights both the aggregated and individual financial performance of the DT-SACCO segment in 2018, as well as the individual DT-SACCO performances. It also documents the complimentary role of DT-SACCOs in the provision of affordable financial products and services to Kenyans, with a reported active population of 3.5 Million having had or operated active accounts in DT-SACCOs during the year 2018. The Report can be downloaded from the Authority’s website here or upon request to the Authority at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Members of the public, particularly those who are members of various DT-SACCOs across the country or those intending to join any SACCO in Kenya, are hereby encouraged obtain the report and familiarize themselves with the information disclosed therein relating to their various SACCOs, as well the SACCO industry at large; and to use the information and disclosures therein to hold their respective SACCO leaders accountable; and to make prudent investment decisions.

General Notice on non-remittance of dues to SACCOs

SASRA has issued a general notice on non-remittance of dues to SACCOs.

To view or download this notice, please go to the Circulas and Notices sub-menu under Resources. Or click here.

Vision 2030
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